Multiple choice Questions in Dentistry

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# The leading cause of childhood gingivostomatitis in children aged 1 to 3 is:
A. Herpes Simplex
B. Chicken pox
C. Influenza
D. Rubella
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1) Which of the following local anesthetic agent would be preferred in prolonged surgical procedure?
 A. Bupivacaine
 B. Cocaine
 C. Lignocaine
 D. Prilocaine
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# Improper direction of the needle insertion during inferior alveolar nerve block results in:
A. Facial nerve paralysis
B. Paraesthesia
C. Hematoma
D. Trismus
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# Highest percentage of clinical features are seen with which nerve block?
A. Buccal nerve block
B. Inferior alveolar nerve block
C. Mental nerve block
D. Incisive nerve block
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